2024 On The Water: What’s New in the Boating World

The 2024 boating industry is gearing up for an exciting year marked by new builds, exciting events, and emerging marine technology. From advancements in safety-focused technologies to the introduction of high-performance vessels, the upcoming year promises to be a noteworthy chapter in the world of boating. Let’s take a look at a few noteworthy items from category and be sure to stay tuned to Yachts360 Media for the latest marine industry news!


New In 2024 Marine Technology



Voltsafe Marine Product Expansion

VoltSafe Tech is changing the game at marinas with their award-winning shore power technology. This innovative solution not only redefines the conventional shore power connection, but also sets new standards for efficiency and safety in the maritime industry.

Their “smart pedestal” technology allows slip holders to monitor power consumption, detect leakage, line resistance, and alerts boat owners if contacts are obstructed. All of these control features can be easily managed via a Real-Time companion app. Also, they utilize a magnetic connection port, so no more twist lock issues. Click here to learn more about Volt Safe Marine technology.


Garmin GMR™ 434/436 xHD3 Open Array Radar

The Garmin GMR xHD3 series of open-array radars was first unveiled on July 11, 2023 and are the first magnetron models from Garmin to offer features like scan averaging, enhanced target-size processing, and improved true echo trails.

From fishing offshore, to general traffic detection, Garmin is leading the way in radar technology and safety with the xHD3 series now available to the retail market. Click here to learn more.



Starlink As The New Standard

Every few years, an innovation comes along which soon becomes a near must-have for yacht owners. The past few years have seen the rapid rise of the Starlkink system which provides high speed Internet anywhere in the world at an affordable rate.

With a one time hardware fee and a monthly plan, yacht owners, captains, and crews can unlock 220+ MBPS download speeds, 25 MBPS upload speeds, and with less than 99 MS latency. For those who might not know those numbers, let’s just say you can stream pretty anything across multiple devices at those speeds.

Moving into 2024,”Starlink equipped” will become a greater selling point along the likes of a Seakeeper equipped vessel. For more information about Starling and the boating plans offered, click here.


New Boat Builds And New To Market 2024:



2024 Mystique Boatworks 48 CC

Amid much anticipation and excitement, the  2024 Mystique Boatworks 48 debuted at the 2023 Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show marking a new era in boating luxury and fishing performance.

Now available for sea trial for serious buyers, the Mystique Boatworks 48 has been crafted with meticulous attention to detail and a fishing-first focus. Equipped with the latest navigation systems, top-tier safety features, and featuring quad 600 horsepower Mercury Verados, this boat sets a new standard for marine excellence.

Yachts360 is the exclusive dealer of Mystique Boatworks from North Miami, to Charleston, South Carolina. Click here to get learn more and schedule your sea trial today.



Spencer Yachts 80 : Hull 231

An 80 foot build is now on the horizon for the Spencer Yachts team. Known for crafting custom, semi-custom, and production sportfishing boats that are highly regarded for their performance, Spencer Yachts’ latest build will feature a two master stateroom layout, omni sonar, full tower, a Seakeeper M26, and will be powered by two 2,600hp MTU engines.

This builder’s commitment to excellence and personalized service has made Spencer Yachts a respected name in the sportfishing yacht industry, making this one of the most anticipated builds of 2024. Stay tuned and click here to learn more.



SeaVee 400Z

Being the latest member of SeeVee’s 400 line, the SeaVee 400Z was unveiled in October 2023 with production currently underway.The new design of the aft cockpit will be 30% larger than the design of the 390Z. In addition to comfort, the new 400Z will provide options for various luxury seating arrangements such as the choice of a second row of seating or a rear facing cooler seat. 

The 400z will also feature 40 gallon aft live wells, side sliding console door, lockable rod lockers, and several other options to customize the 400z to accommodate the boaters preferences. The 400Z is positioned to make a substantial impact, establishing a fresh benchmark for an exceptional boating experience. Click here to learn more and view more renderings!


2024 Yachts360 News And Local Changes



Our Team Is Growing

Yachts360 is actively expanding its presence along the U.S. East Coast and is currently seeking experienced brokers to join their team. This growth initiative aims to enhance our company reach and impact in the yachting industry. We are looking for dedicated professionals who are passionate about making a significant contribution to the company’s expansion and success in this dynamic market.

If you are interested in joining one of the fastest growing yacht brokerages in the world, please visit our career page to view available job postings or reach out to our office directly!


 2024 Palm Beach International Boat Show

Yachts360 is excited to announce our participation in the 2024 Palm Beach International Boat Show! This event presents an exciting opportunity for the company to connect with clients and network with industry brokers.

Our team is looking forward to meeting with clients and showcasing current brokerage inventory. The show will run from March 21st through the 24th and now is the time to consider locking in your accommodations. Click here to visit the PBS 2024 website.


Fort Lauderdale’s Pier Sixty-Six Re-Model

Pier Sixty-Six, located just minutes from Yachts360 Headquarters, will be undergoing a complete makeover in late 2024. Pier Sixty-Six Marina in Fort Lauderdale is a premier destination for boaters, situated along the Intracoastal Waterway offering upscale amenities and flexible docking options for various vessel sizes, facilities, on-site restaurants, and stunning views,

Some of the most exciting upgrades include, an additional waterfront restaurant, an upgraded fitness center, expanded event and ballroom spaces (including a rooftop lawn), and a two-tier pool deck featuring separate pools for adults and families.


Marine Industry Sustainability Efforts


The world of hybrid propulsion has seen decent growth over the past decade including electric power integration and the introduction of hybrid models in certain boat manufactures such as Greenline and Silent Yachts.

While most boater’s still rely on standard power and fuel based engines, here are a few reasons certain boaters may make the switch:

  • Fuel Efficiency: By using electric power for low-speed cruising and maneuvering, hybrid boats can achieve better fuel efficiency, especially in situations where full engine power is not required.
  • Reduced Emissions: Electric propulsion produces fewer emissions compared to traditional internal combustion engines. This is particularly beneficial in environmentally sensitive areas or where strict emission regulations are in place.
  • Quiet Operation: Electric motors operate more quietly than traditional engines, providing a quieter and more comfortable experience for passengers and reducing noise pollution in marine environments.
  • Flexibility: Hybrid systems offer flexibility in choosing the most appropriate power source for different operating conditions, contributing to a more versatile and adaptable propulsion system.

Looking Forward To 2024: 


In 2024, the boating scene is set to witness notable advancements and releases that will reshape the maritime experience. VoltSafe Tech’s shore power technology stands out for its efficiency and enhanced safety at marinas. The growing trend towards sustainable hybrid propulsion systems is driven by the desire for fuel efficiency, reduced emissions, and a quieter operation. The launch of new vessels like the Mystique Boatworks 48 CC, SeaVee 400Z, and Spencer Yachts 80 has stirred anticipation with their promise of luxury and cutting-edge features.

As 2024 unfolds, boaters can look forward to a year marked by technological progress and a continued push to better the marine industry. Here’s to the New Year!