Are you deciding whether or not to use a boat broker to sell your boat? Our clients often ask us of the benefits of selling through a broker versus selling privately. Below we will outline the advantages of utilizing a boat broker to sell your vessel.

Knowing The MarketReasons to Use A boat Broker

Brokers have spent years studying boat values, trends, and will be able to quickly identify the value of your vessel. They know exactly how seasons, market fluctuations, boat condition, and a host of other factors will play in to how much your boat is worth. This will establish a realistic timeline for the sale of your vessel and will save you hours of research.

Many of our clients end up brokering their boats through Yachts 360 after not being able to sell privately. This is usually due to overpricing or simply not knowing the correct way to market their boats. We keep our finger on the pulse of the boating market and will guide the selling process to ensure you receive top dollar while also keeping price within realistic boundaries.

Marketing Tools

Being an established brokerage allows Yachts 360 to access the largest boat listing website in the world, Yachtworld. Yachtworld is the number one way to maximize the visibility of your boat and locate potential buyers. If you have a larger vessel, it is crucial to have your boat within the Yachtworld system. Serious buyers, and other brokers, check Yachtworld first when searching for larger boats.

We also utilize our website and various other industry tools to make sure your boat is seen by as large of a market as possible. Our website, newsletter, and other marketing tools are seen by thousands of potential buyers and brokers weekly so it is a great opportunity to find the perfect buyer for your boat.

Industry Connections

Our brokers have been in the industry for decades and have buyers for nearly every vessel on the market. If they do not, then they usually know of a broker with a client looking for your exact boat! Best of all, if the potential buyer of your boat has a trade they need sold quickly, Yachts 360 can buy it and make the deal a success. Hundreds of co-brokered deals occur across the industry every day and we are in contact with nearly every broker in the industry.

Another reason to use a broker is that they can help you find your next boat simultaneously. A broker can utilize the same tools mentioned above to search thousands of boats for sale for your perfect boat.

Why Yachts 360?

As you can see, using a broker to sell your boat will save you time and they can be searching for you next boat. As with any industry, it is best to hire the professionals…and Yachts 360 is here to help. If you have any questions, comments or, would like to get started with listing your boat, click here to contact one of our brokers.