Ever wonder why some boats seem to fly off the market while others sit year after year? Beyond price, there are a number of tricks used by industry professionals to prepare a boat for sale. If you are just now considering selling, the tips below will help you prepare your boat for sale.

Mechanical CheckHow To Prepare Your Boat For Sale

If you are coming out of winterization or are at season end, make sure the main mechanical components of your vessel are in top shape. Checking compression, wide-open-throttle, cruise speed, and reverse to make sure everything is working will be performed by your buyer, so it is important to check these well before a showing to address any issues that could arise.

One option is to go ahead and fully service your engine before deciding to sell. The time gained through a quick sale will outweigh the costs of dealing with hesitant buyers and a crowded market. A fully serviced engine with service records create peace-of-mind

Systems Check

Buyers are going to want to hear every pump functioning, light illuminated, and switch tested. Start by checking major systems such as the bilge pump, larger electronics, fish boxes, trim tabs, and generators. Sound systems, horn, and other additions can be tested next. Keep a running list of any existing issues to either explain to a buyer or have fixed before a sale.

Full Detail

Clean boats sell faster. It is simply a fact in the industry and having your boat fully detailed and photographed is a surefire way to decrease sale time. Be sure to be prepared to photograph your vessel the day of the detail so it is in pristine condition. A factor often forgotten is to have your trailer cleaned up as well. Removing any existing rust, greasing bearings, and a general spray down will build confidence in your buyer.

If you plan to list your boat online, go ahead and create a folder of your top boat photos in order that you would like them to appear online. This is a quick way to avoid having to use rudimentary drag and drop options offered by most boat listing sites.

Personal Items

For larger vessels this may be more difficult, however it is an important tool in converting a buyer. When you go to a boat dealer, they do not have personal items all over the vessel. Neither should you! Potential buyers want to see a clean boat and envision what they may add instead of looking at your possessions.

For larger boats with full beds, fridges, and other harder to remove items, simply make the areas look as neat as when your purchased the boat. Unruffled sheets, organized fridge, manuals neatly stacked, and vacuumed carpeting is a great way to show you maintain the vessel well and instills confidence in the buyer.

Listing The Boat

When the time comes to list your boat, be sure you have accurate information. You will be asked plenty of questions and must have clear and informative answers prepared. Prepared service records are a great start and show you have kept the boat up per factory standards. Be sure to know year/make/model of the boat and engine and be prepared to show title for both boat and trailer if requested.

For further questions regarding listing your boat, please contact us directly by clicking here. We would love to discuss boat brokerage and/or general advice with boat listings.

Ready to Sell?

There are a multitude of factors that can help sell your boat faster and hopefully this guide has helped you prepare your boat for sale. If you need tips on how to sell your boat fast, click here for our full guide! Thank you for reading and be sure to reach out if you have any questions!