Seakeeper Ride | Targeting Pitch

Seakeeper has grown exponentially over the past fifteen years through the widespread commercialization of their gyroscopic stabilizers which tackle a boat’s roll (side to side motion). Originally only for larger vessels, customers now have the option of installing a Seakeeper in boats as small as 23 feet.

With roll under control, Seakeeper is now conquering a boats pitch through the “Ride” product line which is changing how boats operate underway.


Seakeeper Ride: How It Works

Available for boats up to 35 feet, the Seakeeper Ride system claims to “eliminate up to 70% of underway pitch and roll” and “predicts motion and stops it before it starts.” 1
The Seakeeper Ride is mounted to the transom of the vessel below the waterline and utilizes programmed rotary blades to “counteract pitch, roll, and yaw”. This technology will also help get your boat on plane faster which is important for safety and line of sight. 

Next Steps And Availability

The Seakeeper Ride system has been added an option for certain Scout, Chris-Craft, and Sportsman boats with more on the way. For more information and to stay updated on the Seakeeper Ride system availability, click here

Seakeeper continues to be a frontrunner in innovation in the marine industry with the Seakeeper Ride system being its latest product offering. For more information, please follow the links below!

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