We Buy Boats And Yachts

If you have your next boat picked out, need quick cash, or are just ready to sell, wholesaling is the answer. Here at Yachts360 we buy boats and are able to offer top dollar, a quick close, and hassle-free paperwork. 

#1 Trusted Boat Buyer IN The Nation


Our Buying Team is experienced in quick inspections and has perfected the process of buying a boat. Our team handles everything including closing paperwork and vessel pickup. We can make a cash offer on any size vessel and will close much quicker than selling your boat on the private market.

The TRue Costs of


Monthly Payments

Every boat payment could be money in your pocket.


Boats depreciate quickly and holding on in hopes of a higher offer is a daily cost.


Keeping your boat maintained adds up fast and the sooner you sell, the more money you save. 

Storage Fees

Boat slips, covered storage, trailer costs, however you store you boat, it costs money. 


It protects your vessel, but it also costs money and is a legal requirement. 

Pre-Sale Repairs

We buy as-is while a private buyer may back out over any potential issues.

Common Scenarios

Being one of the largest boat buyers in the country, we come across the same selling scenarios quite often. The two explained below always end up with the seller wishing they had sold.

1. Holding On Until Spring

A customer wants to sell their boat as they will be looking for a newer boat in the spring. They decide to hold onto it through the new year thinking they can get “just a bit” more than a wholesale offer.  Well, after making 4-6 months of payments, a year’s depreciation, paying to winterize, detailing in the spring, and then spending weeks dealing with Craigslisters, they are now way under the original wholesale offer!

We run into this every fall and like to stress that holding on until spring always ends up costing more than the “higher offer” you think you could obtain in the spring.


2. Losing The Perfect Boat While Waiting For Yours To Sell

A customer has found the perfect boat but needs to sell their current vessel. Instead of wholesaling, they wait for a Craigslister to buy or a broker to sell it. Weeks go by and now that perfect boat you wanted is sold and you still have your boat on the market.

Ready For A Cash Offer?


As you can see, wholesaling is an easy and quick way to sell your boat and avoid running into common traps that occur when trying to squeeze just a few more bucks out of your vessel. Our phones are on 24/7 and we are ready to make offers!

Want to learn more about our boat buying process? Click here to learn more about how we buy boats.