Meet Yachts360 Broker Reid Dressler

This week we caught up with Reid Dressler in North Carolina to discuss his marine background, favorite aspects of the boating world, and how he became involved with Yachts360.

Where is your hometown and where are you based now?

I was born in Garner, North Carolina and currently reside in Burgaw. I am back and forth between Burgaw, Wilmington, and Hampstead to meet with clients and keep an eye on Yachts360 inventory.

What was your first boat and/or boating memory?

As young kids we started out building our own boats to fish ponds. My dad purchased a Sea Nymph which was the first actual fishing boat in the family. We used this boat while fishing lakes and rivers.

What originally sparked your interest in boating/yachting?

When I was about 8 my Dad bought a 18′ Crestliner which was kept at my uncle’s lake house on Lake Hyco. My cousin Brian and I would always try to wake up before our parents so we could take the boat out and go fishing every morning by ourselves. This is how we learned how to drive boats at a very young age. My uncle had a Malibu Response as well which is where my love for tow boats began.

My Grandad was a long time member of the SKA and was a major name in the King Mackerel circuit for years even starting one the Major tournaments in NC. I grew up offshore fishing with him on a Grady White out of Drum Inlet and we went on to be on the only crew to win the Atlantic Beach King Mackerel Tournament twice and placed in many others.

Now we have the privilege of offshore fishing on the Sailspitch which has  extended my knowledge of the building and craftsmanship of Carolina built boats. My Dad and I have also taken up a love for performance boating. We currently have two STV Pro Comps and a 2019 Liberator 25 that we captain at over 100MPH.

The wide range of boats I have been able to experience in my life has given me a unique and well rounded knowledge of the boating market which I am able to bring to my clients.

Would you rather Captain, Mate or just be along for the


I would rather be the captain or the mate. I like being involved on deck and/or driving the boat, especially when fishing so these roles fit me best.

What is your favorite aspect of being a Yachts360 broker?

The freedom and non-corporate company culture where we are encouraged to think for ourselves and constantly try new things. There is not a hand book with super strict rules to follow to eliminate creativity and outside the box thinking.

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